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If YOU Were Starting Out in Blogging from Scratch - How Would You Promote Your Blog?

Blog-Promotion StrategiesOver the past week Iíve shared five strategies that Iíd use to promote my blog
if I were starting from scratch again today.

We started off by looking at how the majority of your efforts need to be focused upon Readers
You Donít Already Have (obvious but important) and then looked at the five strategies of:

1. Guest Posting
2. Networking
3. Advertising
4. Social Media
5. Viral Content

Together I believe that these five strategies pursued together would give a new blog a good start
(note: pursuing just one of them might have some impact but together they are more effective).

These are five main areas that Iíd focus upon if I were starting out again today - but the comments on each post in this series
have revealed a lot more wisdom in the ProBlogger community on the topic and so I thought Iíd open it up for your thoughts.

If you were starting out again - how would you promote your blog?

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