Advantages Of Simplicity In Web Designing

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Advantages Of Simplicity In Web Designing Empty Advantages Of Simplicity In Web Designing

Post  angelacobb on Fri Nov 05, 2010 3:07 pm

I think there are two main points that must be kept in mind for perfect web design:

1. The home page is very important for a website, Generally it is the very first page that an online visitor explores. If he feels the site will cater the necessary information/ services that he is looking, he will surely be interested to go through the whole site. A web designer should be fully aware of the purpose of launching the site. As you design the home page of your site, be careful about designing the layout. Maintaining balance in web designing is essentially necessary. The style and color of the websites need to be chosen carefully before designing it.

2. Too much of unnecessary graphics can cause irritation to a visitor. Too many graphics may also slow down the download time of the site and a visitor may grow impatient. Try to add relevant photos that help to get clear picture of the products or the services offered.


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